Russian IPTV M3U links (VLC)

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Available channels:

 Nick Jr
 1 Football
 Football 2 HD
 HD Movie 2
 1 Football HD

 Europa Plus TV
 Russia 1
 Viasat Sport
 Ocean TV
 Cartoon Network
 Travel Channel
 VH1 Classic
 Russia 24
 Sport 1
 Belarus 24
 NTV-Plus Sport
 Viasat Explorer
 Viasat History
 World 24
 TV1000 Russian Kino
 Discovery Science
 English Club TV
 Kitchen TV
 CBS Reality
 Fashion News
 Home Cinema
 Life News
 1 Football
24 Doc
 Animal Planet
 Fight Club
 MCM Top
 Healthy TV
 E! Entertainment
 The first educational
 Auto Plus
 Hunting and Fishing
 MTV Dance
 BBC World News
 Discovery World
 MTV Rocks
 Extreme Sports
 Our Favorite Movies
 Viasat Golf
 CBS Drama
 A minor
 Nashe Kino
 A lot of TV
 Interesting TV
 Children’s World
 Mahh? TV
 Russian RTR-
 NTV Mir
 Discovery Channel
 Eurosport 2
 Movie Plus
 TV1000 Action
 Malyatko TV
 TV1000 Premium HD
 TV1000 Comedy HD
 Sport 1
 Our football
 My Planet
 Russian Illusion
 Top Secret
 Amusement Park
 Psychology 21
 Or questions and answers
 Da Vinci
 World Fashion
 Our New Movie
 Russian Extreme
 Cinema Club
365 Days
 1 Football
 Who is Who
 CNL (First Christian)
 Sports 2
 2 Football
 Eurosport 2
 HD Life
 Viasat Nature HD
 Animal Planet HD
 Discovery HD
 TV1000 Megahit HD
 Sport 1 HD
 ID Investigation Discovery
 Viasat Nature
 Paramount Comedy
 HD Sports
 MTV Live HD
 Ren TV
 Travel HD
 Russia HD
 NTV Plus Sport
 Science 2.0
 Russia 2
5 Channel
 Nat Geo Wild HD
 National Geographic Channel
 Fox Life
 Nat Geo Wild
 Football 2 HD
 First Car
 Viasat Sport HD
 Interesting TV

 NTV Plus Football 2.